Daniel + Kate : it's true love <3

On the 20th April, a bunch of us were lucky enough to be part of the wedding celebrations of Mr and Mrs Daniel and Kate Kahl. And wowsers, what a day it was.

I am really selective about who I give my energy to and photograph these days – because I am getting older and wiser and as Kate knows, from an energy-out V energy-in perspective; I am only interested in working with people who rock my world.

So it was an instant yes, from me, when these two asked me to be their photographer.

On a personal note: I am so very beyond happy to see DK & Kate found each other and their true love, because they’re genuinely both very special people.

I first met Kate many years ago when I was in a terribly dark space, and her kindness, sweet nature, and caring attitude is something I’ve never, ever forgotten. We have evolved together in our own respective life journeys in so many ways. Frankly, I reckon this district is supremely fortunate to have her talents and dedication on hand in her many capacities – but especially through her kinesiology work.

As for DK: well, being married to a Blue Boar myself, I’ve also watched this tall handsome fella grow, change, and morph into such an amazing bloke and also a seriously kick-ass advocate for rural Australia.

Together; these two can move mountains and get stuff seriously done.

I cannot wait to watch the rest of their lives unfold.

To the bridal party, families, friends, and relatives of these guys: thanks for your co-operation while I ran myself ragged on the big day to capture the essence of these incredible people.

Enjoy this blog! But please remember to seek DK and Kate’s permission if you’re sharing this blog. They’ve specifically asked it to stay among family and friends and not to be shared as a ‘’blanket’’ post on socials. That’s their call.

If you’re chasing copies of these images (it’s just a snapshot of the entire series they will get – please talk to them also).

Much love to all, and enjoy living the laughter and love.

Shan x

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Long before it was the done thing Shanna Whan was pioneering a strictly candid-style of photography to capture real life in all its glory, chaos, and imperfection. She’s been shooting for about 15 years across the north west and further afield nationally and she has more than earned her formidable reputation as one of the best. Her business is mostly word-of-mouth these days and she is blatantly very deliberate about where she spends her creative energy. She’s your go-to-girl if you want classic, classy, images with impact delivered with experience, skill, and from somebody who ‘gets’ rural people in every single way. She isn’t precious, and will be on the tools working hard from the moment she hits the ground. Her aim is to blend in and make the experience as fabulous for you as possible. Also: Shan is most happy when in the dust and dirt, surrounded by creatures, kids, and mayhem. Her secret? Well, she couldn’t have her own kids - so the energy and vast capacity for love that she holds in her heart for little people and animals is 100% heartfelt and true and brims over during her sessions. This is then translated through her art. A photo shoot with Shan is basically also a friendship for life. To enquire please message skwimages@bigpond.com or call 0487 685 475. Wedding bookings are limited and start at $5500 + travel + accom. etc > this is for a typical scenario of kicking off with ‘getting ready’ and through to the dancing. Family sessions (candid, of course) start at $550 for a family of 3 + travel + accom etc. > this is for a two hour candid, in-home, natural session. What the client gets: fully edited digital images to keep, wholly and solely - with no ‘hidden’ extra costs, and individual charges. Printing can be also arranged on request. Shanna has another life these days (you can check it out at www.soberinthecountry.com.au) and her speaking engagements have her often booked up and travelling. Keep an eye on her socials and she will, if possible, tie a shoot in with a speaking gig. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a pet, an aeroplane, a random idea - basically, something you want shot - holler. She will have a crack at anything within reason. Except cheesy poses, over-editing, and surreal photoshop. She won’t touch that with a barge pole. It’s natural or nothing with this gal x